Friday, March 4, 2011

The Friday Phonograph

It's "Play the Recorder Month" (No Kidding!)

by Anne French

To my great surprise, I have discovered that recorder players across North America are celebrating this month as "Play-the-Recorder" month. March 19th has even been designated "Recorder Day!" Well, it's only fair that I give the instrument its due on today's Phonograph, but my knowledge of recorder music is scant and I could only think of Franz Br├╝ggen and Michala Petri to search. After listening extensively to these fine players, as well as many others I found on YouTube, I could not resist playing today's selection: Michala Petri and Victor Borge playing Czardas by Monty at Borge's 80th birthday party in Tivoli. Although the performance is Borge's typical side-splitting humor, it still showcases the awesome talents of Ms. Petri and the recorder. Happy weekend to you all!

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