Monday, December 27, 2010

The Friday Phonograph

Joaquin Rodrigo and Pepe Romero:
Emotions Beyond the Notes

by Anne French

"In Rodrigo, by far the most important musical analysis that you can do is not that of a technical musical analysis, but of the spiritual and emotional." Thus does Pepe Romero begin his narration of the amazing and little known story concerning the genesis of Joaquin Rodrigo's perhaps most familiar composition - the adagio from his Concierto de Aranjuez. Rodrigo and Romero appear together in this video, not just to play the music but also to enlighten us about its spirit and emotions. It is not a performance of the work, although excerpts can be heard throughout the narrative, but I guarantee that you will never hear another performance of this incredibly beautiful movement in quite the same way after hearing the human story behind it.


Rodney Punt said...

Thanks, Anne. What a great insight into the grand old man whose music seems to point to the serenity necessary to live a long life.

You're a champ to post these special treats at the end of the workweek!


Anonymous said...

It is truly a pleasure to share, Rod.

Happy New Year! Anne

Cheryl Sickel said...

What an incredible story! Thank you, Anne.