Friday, March 25, 2011

The Friday Phonograph

Wunderlich Sings of Spring to the Tune of Humoresque

by Anne French

Fritz Wunderlich is without doubt one of the greatest tenors of this century, and we can only imagine what he might have achieved had his life not been cut short by a freak accident. Nevertheless, we are blessed with a multitude of recordings to remember him by, and his Eine Kleine Frühlingsweise set to the tune of Dvorák's Humoresque is a special springtime treat (the German title translates to A Little Spring-Time Song). It is delightfully playful, but still shows off the greatness of this magnificent voice. He sings with ease and charm, bringing a smile to the face and fresh spring to the heart. This video comes with the added bonus of lyrics in both English and German. Happy Weekend, everyone!

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