Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A New Orchestra is Born thanks to Krzysztof Penderecki

It may seem far away but I'm sure we'll soon hear more of the young Polish musicians! Piotr Beczala also came from Poland.... 

And for the new orchestra of talents the conductor is American.

by Ewa Gorniak Morgan

We are lucky to create the Santander Orchestra!!!

Playing music together, as an orchestra, is one of the most wonderful experiences one can have. We are truly lucky. When the audience hears us playing straight from our hearts, engaged – they will return home convinced that they have just experienced the most exceptional moments of their lives. This is our common goalYou are in a unique situation: thanks to the Santander Orchestra, you are supported by many people who stand by your side and say: Conquer the world. Show your talent. This is what Maestro John Axelrod said to the young musicians who met for the first time at Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Luslawice.

The first meeting of the Santander Orchestra, which took place at the weekend of 19 to 21 September was both an introduction to intense orchestra workshops and the concert tour.
 Young people in Poland receive excellent technical training and their education stands at a very high level. However, they are not that good at managing their own careers. With the selection of exquisite teachers and the system of additional training, we want to first of all change the way of thinking of the young musicians, show them how many career paths are open to them in Poland, Europe and in the world, and encourage them to make a step forward, says Adam Balas, the Director of the Centre.

During this first meeting the young musicians got to know the names of the six tutors who would help them perfect their skills:
Roland Greutter (violin), the first concertmaster of the German Radio Symphony Orchestra in Hamburg; Julia Gartemann (viola), Berliner Philharmoniker; Robert Nagy (cello), leader of the cello section in Wiener Philharmoniker; Daniel Ottensamer (clarinet), soloist of Wiener Philharmoniker; Markus Maskunitty (horn), soloist of many symphony orchestras, professor at Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover; Arkadiusz Górecki (trombone), musician cooperating with Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

During the tour and concerts conducted by Krzysztof Penderecki and John Axelrod, Gábor Boldoczki will perform the composer’s Concertino for trumpet. He will also prepare the brass section of the orchestra. Moreover, the orchestra will cooperate with one of the participants of the International Chopin Piano Competition as the special soloist. The name of the person will be revealed in October, which is when the soloist will receive the special award sponsored by the Santander Orchestra and join the young musicians on their tour. All of this would not be possible without the substantial financial engagement of Bank Zachodni WBK. We feel a natural need for synergy between our business activity and investing in local communities, says Katarzyna Meissner, Public Relations Manager at Bank Zachodni WBK. When the project’s concept was being created a year ago, we wanted it to help us promote the value of teamwork, creativity and the courage to act. Today, seeing the musicians work with John Axelrod, I have no doubt that the plan succeeds.

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